What to expect as a new member:

By joining Delta Upsilon, you have chosen a system unique at the College. It is not a system marred by childish harassment; not strengthened by meaningless secrets; not inspired by degradation of the Associate Member. DU associate membership is built upon RESPECT; respect for the Fraternity and its’ members.

The Associate Member education program is a system that will help assimilate yourself with our Fraternity during your first year of membership. In accordance with our foundation of non-secrecy, we want to fully explain and provide the details of our program’s goals and objectives. Being clear and honest from the start creates a sense of unity among all members and stifles confusion. In this way, each Associate Member can strive to maintain excellence in his action while allowing the Fraternity to help in his effort to attain a solid education and develop as a man.

Every Associate Member at some point will ask the question, “Why do I have to be an associate member before I can become a member?” The associate membership period is organized so that you are able to see how the Fraternity actually works, and get a chance to know the brotherhood well. The associate membership period also gives the Fraternity the opportunity to learn more about the men we recruit. By the end of your associate membership period, a decision will have to be made by both the Fraternity and the Associate Member to decide if Delta Upsilon is right for him.

Delta Upsilon believes there is nothing that builds character and lifetime bonds than shared responsibilities, work, and laughter. At the same time, you can share your Fraternity experience with your family and friends. This is why we do not have secrets at Delta Upsilon. If all you have in common with your brothers is a secret handshake, or password, your relationship will not last.

It is the sincere desire of the members of Delta Upsilon Fraternity that all men who formally associate themselves with us will reach their goal of becoming an initiated member. Hopefully along the way you will develop into the type of individual that will be a true asset to our Fraternity.

Common Questions

We look at dues as an investment in our future. We use dues money to pay for programming that helps us build better men in service, character, justice and pay for social & educational enrichment. Anyone can “party” but Delta Upsilon adds value.
Membership in Delta Upsilon is for life. Recruitment events help Brothers get to know potential members better and determine if they merit membership, while affording men like you the chance to make friends.
Delta Upsilon has varied programming that is geared to help build better men. The events schedules will help expose you to things that you may not be used to going to like the Art Museum, a coaching clinic and pick-up basketball game with a Wolfpack men’s coach or a brother’s beach retreat. From those experiences, you will be able to make an informed decision.
There is DU brothers who drink and those who don’t drink.
Delta Upsilon encourages participation in other organizations. Our programming helps to fill the voids that are not covered in the classroom and in other organizations, and compliments your personal development as a man of justice.
We strive to make the experience in Delta Upsilon one that exposes all members to a wide variety of cultures and experiences. From this exposure, Delta Upsilon helps brothers complete your intellectual curiosity. DU also co sponsors a number of events with NPHC groups and Collaborative Greek Council, as well as sororities and other campus organizations.
First and foremost Delta Upsilon is a lifetime experience. Alumni membership opens even more doors of brotherhood. Our building better men programming will help to fill the voids not covered in the classroom and in other organizations. The group chooses activities by committee based on Brother’s interests. Voice your interests about graduate school, job search, etc.
First off, Delta Upsilon is non-secret, so ALL events are open to anyone to attend. We will not ask you to do anything that you would not want to do in front of your parents, university administration, or your friends. Feel free to check with NC State Student Conduct (919-515-2963) or Greek Life (919-513-2910) to check our record. Remember your friends and family are allowed and encouraged to attend events, and even our Initiation Ritual. Our goal is to build better men and we find that hard to achieve when men are demeaned in the process.
That is great! Delta Upsilon has a great parent’s brochure that I can give you so they will be able to become informed about our organization. You can also refer them to the DU website, share this notebook with them, or let me know so I can speak with them. Our Alumni Corporation President or faculty academic advisor will be happy to call them to answer any questions or concerns they may have.
Academics are very important to Delta Upsilon, as you can tell based on our overall GPA compared to the all men’s average (refer to Greek Life website under reports). We believe it is the main reason we all are at school. We will be happy to have you continue to come to events this semester when your class work allows. This will allow you to get to know us better. We also have brothers who would by happy to study with you to help support your academic success.
We are very fortunate to have alumni that offer dues assistance to men who can benefit from the fraternity experience, but cannot afford it on their own. Let me introduce you to the Treasurer so he can talk through the details. Also, our budget is created by the members based on their program plans and desires. Every member (new members included) has a voice and a vote in the programs, budget and dues, so you decide where your money goes!