Welcome New Members

Thank you for your interest in Delta Upsilon International Fraternity! As your son searches for a fraternity to call his own, I understand that you have questions about the organization that will shape his future. This letter is intended to serve as a brief introduction to Delta Upsilon and the many ways we achieve our Mission of Building Better Men.

Delta Upsilon Fraternity was founded in 1834 upon the basis of non-secrecy, meaning we hold nothing secret: all of our rituals, initiations and Principles are open to the public.

We now stand as the oldest and largest non-secret fraternity, and have grown into an organization that focuses on providing our men with a unique college experience, one grounded in our Four Founding Principles of the Promotion of Friendship, Development of Character, Diffusion of Liberal Culture and the Advancement of Justice. We accomplish this through a variety of educational programming opportunities, including our Leadership Institute, held annually in a different city across the country; the Presidents Academy held every January in Indianapolis; the Global Service Initiative, which sends a group of our undergraduate men to spend a week completing service projects; and staff- and volunteer-run Regional Leadership Academy.

Hazing is in no way tolerated among any of our chapters. Membership into DU is based solely on merit, and Associate Member Education programs are designed to use your son's experiences and elevate him to new levels through educational sessions regarding networking and etiquette, cultural experiences and community service opportunities.

There are 80,000 DU alumni spread across the country, in thousands of career fields. This alumni network will provide numerous opportunities for your son to become career-ready through internships and prospective jobs. Using the Delta Upsilon International Fraternity group on LinkedIn, he can be connected to many of these alumni at the click of a mouse.

Let me thank you again for your interest in Delta Upsilon International Fraternity. Were it not for students like your son and the parents who support him in his decisions to better himself, our organization would not thrive in the way it does. If you have other questions or concerns, please email ihq@deltau.org or the local chapter at DU.ksu.alumni.chapter@gmail.com.

Best Regards,

Justin Kirk, Boise State '00
Executive Director
Delta Upsilon International Fraternity